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Pick the waist beads that best speak to the you YOU are reaching to be.... there is more of something you want to be, and here in THE AJ ZONE, we claim it in every way we can. In my recent stay in Africa- I learned that waist beads were the decoration of royalty - a display of our elevated womanhood.

I now wear them with elevated meaning and am sharing it with you!


Since we abide by the 7c’s in our daily spirit walk- our daily seeking of spiritual elevation- I started wearing a waist bead to represent the words I’m working on - from the inside out!


Get 1 or all 7 to remind you of your daily assignments.


What are the 7c’s?


What the colors mean?



RED: (Courage): A color made by combining yellow(confidence) and orange (endurance and strength). Wear this waist bead to confirm or seek more spiritual confidence.


BLUE: (Peace): The color of spiritual clarity and tranquility- represents calm- peace. Wear this waist bead seeking more clarification in any area of your life.


BLACK: (Fullness and Closure): The spirit recognizes this color of conviction- inner power/ unwavering strength. In THE AJ ZONE the black bead represents a steadfast foundation- spiritual understanding-a knowing. Black also represents a darkness that comes at the end of something? So, seek closure with the black beads.


(GREEN: Prosperity): The spiritual color of prosperity- financial and spiritual.


WHITE: (Purity): This color representing purity- light. A color signifying elevation and adorned with gold- it represents the rare found in Africa-the royalty- that’s you queen!


ORANGE: (Consistency): Combining the spiritual colored of yellow (confidence) and red (courage) you get consistency. Wear this bead as you seek more consistency


YELLOW: (Confidence): The color symbolizing joy and high energy…displaying in your character r attracting it.






AJ Akua Waist Beads


  • All jewelry is hand made by African artisans therefore imperfections are expected and add uniqueness and character to your 1 of a kind AJ AKUA item

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