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The AJ Way Integri Anti Aging/Weight Loss Wellness Tea


African herbs are the foundation of many medicinal and beauty products.
Our tea is a staple in AJ’s better health, anti aging routine, and now we are bringing it to you. AJ believes this tea is a big ingredient in the disappearance of her cravings for processed sugar.  

The first of a variety of flavors, we introduce Hibiscus ginger. 


This product is apart of "The AJ Way System" which consist of the The AJ Way IntegriTea and  the steam oil and bath salts.


Try the tea along with the steam oil and bath salts.


The AJ Way IntegriTea

  • How to use our product:

    Boil water.
    Add 1 tea bag per 2 cups of tea.
    Drink the tea hot or room temperature.


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